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Thanking Some of Lexington’s Finest
Everything seems to start with a question. The question the 5th grade GT reading students had was, “How are we able to let the police of Lexington know our gratitude for their service?”  After brainstorming, the students decided to host a lunch for the police.
Each student wrote a letter thanking an officer for their service and inviting them to lunch. The students’ words are truly heartfelt. Listed are some quotes from the letters.
“I wanted to thank you for risking your life to protect us.”
“I am sorry about police officers that have been hurt or died but they have died in honor.”
“I am writing this letter to thank you for putting your life on the line every day to protect us.”
“There is not enough room on this page to say how much I want to say thank you.”
“How does it feel not knowing if you will be able to go home or not? You have more bravery than I will ever have.”
“I am aware that you are rarely thanked. I believe that, because you risk your life helping us, you deserve endless thanks.”
“You are so brave for going to work every day even while it is dangerous.”
“Never say you are not of any value because you mean a lot to me.”
“Thank you very much for fighting for us and sacrificing yourselves for us.”
“Thank you for protecting us and keeping us safe. Even here in Lexington there is a lot of violence that is scary as a kid, so I know it may be scary to you.”
“Thank you for your service and for risking your life every day for us.”
“Thank you for keeping us safe. You may not know but I like that.”
“Being a police officer sounds like a very challenging job, but you decided to take the challenge just to protect families in Lexington, to me that means a lot!”
On Monday, November 23, the fifth grade gifted and talented reading students, provided lunch for nine Lexington police officers as a way to say thank you. The officers and students enjoyed the time to meet and learn about each other.  As one student aptly summed up the event, “It was more awesome than what I thought it was going to be!”




Dixie in the News

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UK Team Studies Impact of Movement Breaks.  Before the five-minute movement break, third-graders focused on their reading test. Their body language perked up after the brief physical activity.


Fifth Grade Leadership Team

Ms. Cullen and the 5th Grade Leadership and drama students cleaning the raised flower beds on the side of the building. The students cleaned up the beds, planted bulbs for flowers in the spring. It was just a small community service project. We could not have completed it without the assistance of Mrs. and Mrs. Meads.


Dixie's Dia Delos Mertos Monarch Butterflies


Dixie's students in grades K-3 are exhibiting 425 Monarch butterflies for the Day of the Dead Festival or Dia de los Muertos as part of the Living Arts and Science Center's Community Arts project.  Please see the attached invitation.



Academic/GT/Magnet Programs Application for the 2016-17 School Year

The application window is open through Oct. 7 for magnet schools, gifted & talented options, specialized academic programs, and career & technical centers.

Dixie Magnet Elementary School strives to positively impact the future by preparing students to be confident, hardworking, and goal-oriented individuals. Our vision is to strengthen students’ abilities to live healthy, balanced lives in which they fulfill their responsibilities and use compassion and creativity to make a positive difference in the world. Our mission is to foster excellence in intellect, creativity, and character. Please visit the About Dixie page to learn more!


2015-2016 Class Supply Lists


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2nd Grade

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5th Grade

What makes our school special?

We strive to individually prescribe education for all students. We offer Chinese, Discovery Lab (STEM), music, band, orchestra, visual art, library and physical education in rotation. In addition, the five components of the arts (music, drama, dance, visual art, and media/digital art) are naturally integrated into daily instruction. This approach engages students toward mastery of higher-level content through arts-infused learning opportunities. Dixie students also apply 21st-century skills: collaboration, creativity, communication, critical and creative thinking, character development, and high-quality human relationships.

Our teachers integrate state-of-the-art technology into all instructional programs. All classrooms are equipped with SmartBoard interactive technology, and all classrooms have individual computer stations. In addition, a Dell/PC lab, Mac lab, portable computer labs and iPods/iPads are available.

Dixie provides regular opportunities for students to learn and develop benchmarked proficiencies in Mandarin Chinese and offers multiple opportunities for all students to experience a range of global cultures, issues and connections.

Our music program is branching out through a digitally interactive curriculum called Quaver Music, which students can access individually from home and school. Fourth- and fifth-graders may participate in the orchestra, and fifth-graders can play in the band. Other opportunities include Glee, percussion and primary chorus.

Dixie has a full-time gifted and talented teacher to provide services in math, reading, leadership and creative writing. This year we also plan auditions in visual art, music, drama and dance to differentiate learning needs. Students meeting the gifted criteria in the arts will qualify for extra services during the regular school day.

For more information about Dixie’s Arts Enrichment Program and extra-curricular programming, visit our school website: www.dixie.fcps.net.

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Check out Ms. Livingood's Award

21st_century_articleDixie challenges students to shape their own learning through Arts integration and 21st Century learning skills.  Read the FCPS article.


At Dixie, the Practical Living and Career Studies Committee now incorporates the former Healthy Lifestyles Committee, covering everything from consumerism, field days and wellness policies to health content and P.E. activities.  Read the FCPS article

Congratulations to two Dixie educators in joining the 187 teachers in Fayette County on completion of  National Board Certification.  Kelly Fischer, Media Specialist, recently earned her certification in November, and Carla Horn, Second Grade Teacher, joins Dixie having already obtained the certification.  National Board Certification is a demonstration of their practice as measured against high and rigorous standards. Dixie is proud to have five National Board Certified Educators!  Read the FCPS statement

Dixie students participate in the 'Hour of Code', a nationwide initiative by CSEdWeek and code.org to introduce computer programming to over 10 million students and encourage them to learn programming. Read the FCPS article Read the Herald Leader article

Staff Painting

Art leads Dixie teachers into a 'Peaceful Place'.   Read the FCPS article about Dixie staff's hour-long painting session, where they picked up helpful tips on the principles of art and design while relaxing and unwinding with colleagues.





Kids say the funniest things!  Recently the Prichard Committee interviewed eight  Dixie students.  Watch the videos to hear what makes a teacher successful, what a principal does all day long, and more from the perspective of the students.   Group 1 Group 2



Staff Spotlight

Alice Cox

Kara Gray

Lindsay Schweitzer, Hannah Workman, Melinda Spaulding, Jamie Simon, Barbara Middleton, Kelsey McCaffrey, Donna Beheler and Ashleigh Adkins

Customer Service

Customer ServiceDixie strives to provide superior customer service! Is there a Dixie Magnet Elementary staff member who has gone the extra mile? Tell us about it here!


We encourage families to get involved in their children's education.  One way is through volunteering; before you can volunteer in any school, you must first fill out a volunteer application.


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